Our passion is to provide solutions through 3D printing. For that we use the most innovative FDM, SLA and SLS technology.

Altana 3D is part of the of ALCAAL International Group which focuses in providing solutions in emerging markets in areas such as Technology, Agribusiness, Renewable Energy and International Trades.

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We have the goal to transform the housing crisis in the region providing new construction technologies through additive manufacturing which will dramatically reduce fabrication costs, labor, materials and transportation but, above all, time.


Through the use of 3D printing technology we can create perfect models that are customized, can be printed nearly instantly and at a low cost.

3D Printing

From the mind to the hand, from the byte to the matter, additive fabrication technology allow us obtain and acquire any object quickly and affordably.

Why 3D Printing?

We are passionate about new technologies and are convinced that 3D printing is the future of manufacturing. It will help economies reduce manufacturing costs and more efficient and sustainable use of resources.